The castle was built on the Cidneo hill. It was first inhabited in the early prehistorical period. In the Roman Age it was used as a sacred area and from the Middleages to the "Dieci Giornate" (1848), the inhabitants of Brescia used it to defend themselves because its position was strategic to control the town and its surroundings both in case of attack and of a revolt.

It was never inhabited by Princes, Princesses, Kings, Emperors, or Knights.

The castle
looks like a village
and in fact it was
a real citadel with
a hospital, a barn,
water tanks and so
on…, which were
necessary to
survived in case
of attack.

There are two concentric boundary walls: the first one outside with three ramparts that is three terraces on three of the four corners of the castle, which give a better view, and the second one to defend the heart of the castle, composed of the Mastio and the Torre Mirabella.


There are also two moats which surround the boundary walls, but without water: the first moat has some very big pointed doles hammered into the ground so as to prevent the enemies from entering with the cannons; the second ones was dry, in fact it was sunken in the rock and so it was unpenetrable.

The most important
towers are: Torre
Mirabella with a circle
structure, 22 metres high,
Torre dei Prigionieri and
Torre Coltrina.


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