In piazza Loggia, the symbol of the city of Brescia, we can find the Palazzo della Loggia, the Monti di Pietà ad the Clock Tower.

The Palazzo della Loggia was built in 1433 ad is made of Brescian marble ad Roman stones. The lower floor has 9 spans; externally the upper floor has 3 frontal windows that look onto a balcony, The Dome that we can see today is a copy of the original one, which was destroyed by a fire.

The palazzo, which was built at first to host the offices of the chancellors, is now the place where the Mayor works and where the town council meets.


The Monte Vecchio di Pietà was built between 1484 and 1489.In the centre we find a portico constituted by 2 arches and a central line of columns and, in the upper part a small loggia with 7 small arches and a balcony.

This monument was
built using old Roman
tombstones and slabs
of marbles, found during
the excavations for the
creation of a salt

Subsequently the Monte Nuovo di Pietà was built. It is situated next to the Monte Vecchio di Pietà.

Opposite Palazzo della Loggia arcades were built and an arch with a small turret was raised.


In 1546 a clock was inserted which, besides telling the time, indicates the moon phases and the signs of the zodiac:

at the four corners of the
clock there are four little
angels made of gilded copper,
which represent the winds;
the hours are struck by the
movement of two bronze
statues, called "macc de le
ure", who hit the bell
on top of the clock
with their hammer.

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