The church of S. Francesco is situated in Brescia, in via S.Francesco D'Assisi , and it was built between 1254 and 1265, next to a convent.

The Franciscan community, which was very active in Brescia in the Middle Ages, wanted it.

The Franciscan community was very numerous and the local council had bought some land to allow the monks build their monasteries. These were places of prayer and work, where the monks lived in communities.

We do not know who architect of the church was. Its fašade, which is made in white Brescian stone, is higher than the church.

In the middle
of the fašade
there is a portal
above which there
is a rose window,
a big round
window full of

Near the rose
window there are
two small round
slots, and both on
the left and on the
right of the portal
there are two
oblong windows.

The church is lower than street level.

Its bell tower was
built at the end of
1200, also in stone.

It was built twice,
because once it
burned and the
second time it was
bombed and then rebuilt.

And so, after various
changes, it still stands
in his originary structure

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