The Monastery of Santa Giulia

The monastery of San Salvatore and of Santa Giulia is situated in Brescia in via dei Musei.

At first it was called "monastero of San Salvatore" and it was built by Desiderio and his wife Ansa, two Lombard sovereigns for their daughter Anselperga, who became the first abbess.

It was built between 753 and 759 on the site of a "domus romana".

A few years later the relics of St. Giulia were brought inside the monastery.

Relics are small fragments of the body and clothes of a saint.

The monastery was extended in different stages, until the Renaissance.

Between 1000 and 1300
other buildings were
added to the Monastery:
the Tiburio di Santa Maria
in Solario (a sort of roof,
that covers the dome ) and
San Salvatore's bell tower.

The Coro delle monache was built in 1400 and right against the fašade of Salvatore.

The Coro delle monache is a building where the nuns used to meet to listen to the Mass without breaking the enclosure.So the fašade of San Salvatore is no longer visible.

The church of Santa
Giulia was built in 1593
by the architect Tedeschini.
This church covers the
fašade of the Coro delle

In the monastery there are three cloisters besides the basilica di San Salvatore,the Tribuno di Santa Maria in Solario, the Campanile di San Salvatore, the Coro delle monache and the Church of St. Giulia.


Today the complex of Santa Giulia is not inhabited by nuns,but it is used as a museum,because in it the history of the city from the Bronze age to the Renaissance is visible.

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